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Nov 24, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:39689494 | Aeroxes#8059 | UTC-5

Your Application
I am Aeroxes (Air-rock-sis). Many of you already know me. Maybe it's for some positive things, or perhaps in dire circumstances, negative things. I won't hide it, it's a lingering fear that will always haunt me. I simply wish to get along with everyone, but deep down I always wonder, do people think of me, the same way I think of them? I want to be the shoulder that they can rest upon, the same way you guys were the rhythm of my heart when it failed to beat. A tune that makes me smile whenever I think of it, it's precious to me. I want to protect this community and hope that when someone else is songless, they too can find their song in this community. And when I inevitably disappear from everyone's lives, the only wish I would like to have, is that they remember me... the way I remember them. This is Aeroxes, an inevitable memory.​
I just want to ensure people can enjoy the server without RDMers or slur throwers coming in to get a kick from ruining people's fun. That's all. I see many times someone has to keep asking for a staff member to come online yet no one is available so I would like to have the ability to swiftly respond. I've been on the server long enough, I know how things operate, and I'm on good terms with the majority of the player base.

Relevant Experience
It's because I come from nothing, that I have the potential to be anything. Talent is a social construction, experience... a social constriction. We so shun talent that society deems unknown, and as a consequence, shun the unknown that society deems untalent. Not everyone can become a great moderator, but a great moderator can come from anyone. It may seem paradoxical, for I am a nobody. But it's precisely that I am a nobody, that I can become an "any"body. I won't lie to you, it'll be akin to watching a duckling wander around aimlessly, making perhaps some rather questionable decisions. But even the smallest of ducklings can grow to something majestic. It simply needs nurturement, to become a wing that will stay at its side. So I ask of you, will you let me be one of your wings?​
I don't have any relevant experience. I used to moderate a couple of Minecraft servers, and we all know how hectic those can become.

When night covers the streets, and darkness covers the world's eyes, a single soul will light the way. Those wandering the nights, strolling, will never have to worry, for I am there to make sure they walk the right path. As snow falls on the moonlit beams, as the lamp brushes the quiet filled streets, I will be there, quietly humming to the peace. The occasional song of the passing car, the intermittent call of the overhead plane, those who walk with me will be at rest, knowing that this peace has yet to be interrupted. You know it too, the quiet shuffling as the tired head home, the tapping of those hurrying on by, faces come and go, but I... I will always stay, for I will be your light when there is no other light to walk towards.​

Seriously though, I'm available at all times around the clock since right now I don't have much responsibilities to uphold. This means I'll be able to cover the dark hours of the night when staff members are scarce or resting. If anything, I'd be more than willing to patrol the servers around 12:00 am EST to 5-6:00 am EST every day of the week, or at least until an EU mod becomes available and is willing to take my shift.
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