Accepted [TTT Staff] Air (STEAM_0:0:179294774)

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Crescent Plus
Oct 8, 2020
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:179294774 | air#7868 | UTC-6

Your Application
Hello I am Air, and I have play Crescent TTT for around 2 Months and have had a good time doing so, but the problem I have is that there almost no staff on in the mornings or noon. I wanted to become staff so I could moderate during those times. But since its almost Christmas time I have a bunch of open time on my hands and will participate as much as possible.​

Relevant Experience
I have no experience in TTT moderation I would like to try, but I have moderation experience in Darkrp servers which have now shutdown.​

I will be open all the time until past 10PM my time, and Sunday past around 11am. In January I will only be on past 3PM since I go back to physical school.​
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