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Mar 9, 2020
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:1:164727989 | Jaz#6369 | UTC+3

Your Application
Hey, I'm Alleged, (Real name is Ahmed), and after long consideration, I've decided to commit my efforts into staffing crescent to make it a better place for players, New or old.
  • How much time can you dedicate to your staffing duties? Can you commit yourself to staffing in the long run? For weeks? Months? Maybe even years? Will your personal life (school/work/etc) make it difficult for you to maintain this?
I can spend a good 3 hours a day staffing if I have exams, 5+ if I don't, Yes, I have committed to other servers before so I don't see why I can't commit here, And no, My school is in the morning and this only has players at night in my time.

  • Do you know our game mode and rules well enough? If you were to be asked some questions right now about the rules, could you answer them all?
Yes, I've been playing TTT itself for 4 years now, and a good time on crescent, I am confident I can answer questions about crescents rules correctly.

  • How well do you handle pressure? How well do you handle social interactions? Staffing means being constantly in touch with other players, for better or for worse. Can you handle this kind of role?
I handle pressure very well due to my many roles in staffing other servers, I am confident I can handle this role.

  • What skills do you bring to the table that can make you into a solid candidate? What can you do to help us make Crescent better?
I've staffed 13 servers before, including TTT Servers, I have much experience in ULX and other admin tools like FAdmin, and over my 4 years of gmod I've handled many minges, So I'm gonna bring experience to the staff team.

  • How is your reputation in the community? What is your discipline history like? Would either of these things be a problem when you try to apply?
As for the first question, I can't judge my own reputation in the community, I don't know the impact I've had on the players of Crescent TTT and its community. For my discipline history in crescent, I have been slain around 3 times or 4 for silly mistakes at the beginning of me joining crescent, And I simply cannot say myself if both of these might affect my application.

Relevant Experience
I have had a lot of experience staffing servers, Here is my experience on gmod:

1.Drews Community CrewConflictRP [Premium Admin.] still there but very dead
2. Venomous Gaming[Mod] still there I think
3. Diplomatic Networks[Senior admin] shut down
4. Xanath Roleplay[Mod] [Lost its players because of new owners.] and shut down
5. Gold Lake SCP-RP[Owner] shut down
6.FNAF DarkRP [Head Manager] shut down
7. Kairos Gaming[Mod] shut down
8. Werwolf gaming Darkrp [Admin] shut down
9.CrixRP PoliceRP [Mod] (idk if its still there)
10. Werwolf gaming TTT (Tmod) shut down
11. Royalty Servers ( Mod) Shut down
12. Werwolf Gaming VRP V1 ( tmod ) shut down
13. Werwolf gaming VRP V2 (tmod) shut down

These are the ones I remember, I've had a few others for TTT and For SCP-RPand DarkRP​

Explaining this in UTC+0, I can be on from 12 pm to 8:30 pm, If I don't have any school work.

That's a total of a possible 8 hours and 30 minutes a day, 112 hours a fortnight, Which seems hard, but if I stick to my schedule of School, Homework and then playing, it is possible.

But, If I have exams and/or anything else during the week/fortnight, or that month, I will stick to a 20-50h a fortnight.​
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