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Nov 1, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:1:53882184 | 乃ㄥ丨几k#0770 | UTC

Your Application

My name is Luke but I go by Blink, I first of all want to express how much i love the crescent community, I have longed for a place where I not only feel welcomed, but at home, it is a real escape for me personally, all the players are amazing and I have made a lot of friends, including people like; Piegon, Torbjörn, PeepoSad, Zax, Nebula, Leif, F4DD3, Miggo and many others.

The main thing I would bring to the team would definitely be my desire to help people, I get thorough enjoyment from listening to what people have to say and being a friend to everyone who needs one.

I think that this opportunity would help me grow more personally than anything, I could definitely learn a lot from crescent and being a moderator.

Thank you for taking your time to read through my application,

Relevant Experience
My experience in management and customer service is exceptional, I was a manager for a bar leading a small team for many months being trained on how to deal with complaints and people skills in general.

I have also managed a Discord server in the past.​

I am very active in the server, I work nights but I have decided to take some time off work for now, but I can be active at nearly all times across both servers respectively​
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