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Oct 20, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:1:53997340 | DJ#2553 | UTC-5

Your Application
Hey hows it going guys its PEWDIEPIE.

Just messing around, it's Bounty Killer. You guys may know me and my affiliation with the server and you can conclude that I love the server. The staff may be familiar with me because I am known celebrity(Ha). I will sometimes go by other names like DJFelpie or Claude but my current alias right now is BountyKiller. I am just a 17 y/o boy who loves to make people laugh in any shape or form.

Lets get right into detail, I play servers everyday, regardless if its Europe or NA I still play. I get upset when all of the servers are full :(. I know majority to almost all of the rules and I remind certain people to abide by them. I wouldn't be the type of staff to be on your ass if you broke a rule, everybody makes mistakes---second chances unless it's intentional RDM or if you're purposely trolling. I try my hardest to adapt to everyone in the community and bring smiles through people faces in game.

I would happily take up the staff position and carry responsibility while making people smile :). Seeing Crescent grow makes me happy and I'd love to see everyone else happy as well.​

Relevant Experience
Super Admin-Storm Attack of The Props(Before Server Shutdown :( )

Mondays-Fridays (4 or 5pm-9pm)
Sundays-Saturdays(12 am-12 PM)

I am available almost everyday, only thing that gets in the way of my schedule is school and tutor.
I can dedicate at least 4-8 hours staffing.​
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