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Aug 8, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_1:1:40186580 | Carned#9595 | UTC

Your Application
Hi guys.

I'm applying to staff as I believe EU needs some support in terms of all its staffing needs.
I have a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to TTT, rules and managing situations expertly.
I've been a supporter of both Cresecent V1 and now V2 providing suggestions and feedback in some capacity.
Furthermore I've worked with pretty much everyone here before in some capacity and like to think many of the current players new or old have gotten to know me in a positive light.

I feel like it should go without saying that I have extensive use of RDM Manager, Admin Menu's, specifically the one from Crescent V1 if it's still here.
Also I'm excited to help push the server in a forward direction to to new heights.

Feel free to discuss and ask questions.​

Relevant Experience
Almost 3 years worth of staffing across Gmod.

Including 1 year of Admin and countless moderator terms.

Many of which will be familiar.

I also run one of the societies at my University (Does this count?!)​

My availability varies from week to week depending on University and other commitments.

However a large chunk of the time i will be free is during the GMT hours of 10am-5PM.

Evenings are less free due to other commitments but may be able to squeeze in hours from 11PM onwards.

These are subject to change depending on University modules changing.​
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