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Mar 1, 2020
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:436483758 | Cherry#1975 | UTC+1

Your Application
Hi everyone!

I started playing around February and have gotten to know the community quite well in my time here, and I decided that it’s time for me to put forward a staff app.
With the current situation of staff and the need for more flexible members, I feel I have the best skill set to achieve these goals; I have a strong willingness to learn, that being the duties, responsibilities, and anything that comes with the role of being staff, I’m quick to pick up information, and to take on and apply criticism, and I have the drive to improve the community through making a safe and friendly environment for those who play and enjoy the server.
I’m aware that my biggest flaw currently is my slight inactivity, but as my hours are more flexible as of late, I have more time to work on my activity and will be available at almost all hours, and I can respond to a situation quickly. On top of all that, I have a great knowledge of the community and its members and feel that with all this considered, I have what it takes to become a member of this staff team.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application!​

Relevant Experience
None in staffing Garry's Mod servers, but I have a strong willingness to learn and am prepared to perform at the best of my ability.​

As mentioned before, I have a flexible schedule and can be available whenever needed.​
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