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Aug 27, 2020
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:26165851 | Fheeniyx1984#3586 | UTC-5

Your Application
Hello I am Dugger I have been playing on the server for about a month now and I live in Texas and I am 23 years old. I am applying for a staff position because every night I am on, there is no staff around and me and my friend are always getting RDM'd. I see me and my friend who is Central Time Zone is on almost every day. I am looking to get my foot in the door as trial staff to see where it goes. I have prior experience in DarkRP and other TTT server's I also have experience in GTA: FiveM communities and Arma 3. I am the Owner of Blue Line Gaming and have been for 5 years now.​

Relevant Experience
Yes with TTT and Asylum DarkRP and many other games I have been with HR and mod team​

Usually after 11Pm central time and on sunday's and monday's when I am off work. I can dedicate up to 6 hours daily.I do have a newborn daughter and an angry wife so time may vary.​
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