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Anastesia Lawes❤️

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Aug 10, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:54301081 | Emily❤#1849 | UTC+2

Your Application
I want to bestaff so I can help the players when others are breaking rules and misbehaving which is makes it unfun for everyone else to make playing on the servers as fun as it can be.

I am able to stay level headed during stressful situations and always try to solve issues like people being upset with each other to make it as fun for everyone as possible. And I believe I have a good understanding of the rules to be able to enforce the rules properly.

Relevant Experience
SGM staff
Cumulative 1 month+​

I will usually be available from about 8 pm during the week and on days I am done with work early from about 4 pm. When I am not working during the weekend I am available all day.​
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