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Salad Cat · 24 · From New York
Crescent Ultra
Aug 30, 2020
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:25360607 | Eriana#3473 | UTC-4

Your Application
I'd like to apply to the moderation team, as I want to help the server thrive and succeed. I have previous moderation/administration experience with GMod/Discord servers, as well as some minor coding experience. I have experience in knowing how to use mod utilities, such as a console, or other moderation plugins like ULX. On top of that, I also have knowledge with capturing scenes for evidence, as well as use with the F8 end-round manager. I would be able to bring fresh eyes to the staff team, as well as give an Eastern US-based moderator to the team. Lastly, I would also be able to bring my previous experience to the staff team. I appreciate you reading this application, and here's hoping!​

Relevant Experience
I have experience with the following:
  • Moderation within a community
  • Administration within a community
  • Moderation within a discord
  • Helping dissolve potentially hostile situations
  • Helping maintain a fun environment, while still keeping up with the rules

I am available pretty much from around 8:30 AM EST to around 7:30 PM EST any day of the week until further notice, and unless otherwise stated, I am available pretty much all day. Unless otherwise stated beforehand, I can dedicate as much time as necessary to complete a task that is requested of me.​
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