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Oct 13, 2019
TTT Staff Application
Spooky Pepega | (Usually Foxx, but Halloween ya know?)
STEAM_0:1:49605035 | Foxx#4615 | UTC

Your Application
Good Afternoon to you all!

Hello, I am Foxx,

I am a 16 year old from the almighty place of Newcastle. I'm a loud person, and i mean VERY loud. I've been playing Garry's Mod for well over 5 years now and as of now, have around 3,700 hours, around 1,000 of those being in TTT i believe. As it stands, its my most played game period, and i doubt my playing will end any time soon. I'm a very social person, i love interacting with people, making new friends, but hate when people go out of their way to annoy someone or target a specific person. With a large background of being a victim of said people, I want to do my best to help those who are being targeted by toxicity, whether that be harassment, hateful conduct, constant RDM or whatever. This community has been welcoming for the week i have been here, after being introduced by Pups, I found quite quickly that the staff and player base are all lovely people, and i would love to be a feather in the welcoming wings of Crescent TTT.

There are those who dislike me due to other altercations from different servers, for example Moat.GG. I never was able to apply for staff there due to a mistake a long time ago, some have came to forgive me, others not so forgiving. But im hoping i can prove my worth here, and show those who think i am a useless, selfish individual that i do care about others, and resent my actions on that server. My knowledge of the Crescent TTT is not as well founded as others, though from reading the rules on both the Forums and TTT, I feel as though i have a grasp on how things work around this place. I know the basic rules of TTT, from all the hours i have on numerous servers and, although rules vary from server to server, there are few that stay the same. I've never been a staff member on a TTT server, though i have on DarkRP.​

Relevant Experience
I have never staffed on a TTT server before. However, i have had numerous staff roles in another game mode, which is DarkRP, from there i've learned the basic rules of Garry's Mod servers overall, no matter the game mode, there is always a rule or two which is marked in stone. I feel as though, if i want to make a difference on TTT servers and this is the server to do it, based on that this server is quite new, and becoming staff quickly will, give me the power to stop those who only want to join this server to be a minge, and ruin everyone else's fun on this server. I may be new to the whole staff element of TTT, but hey, we all have to start somewhere right?​

Please note, these times are estimates, and can change given something happens or i have somewhere to be, however, i can promise 10 hours a week.

Mondays - Tuesdays



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