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Oct 21, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:75961680 | Goose#5439 | UTC-5

Your Application
Hello Crescent Family, I am Goose.

While most know me as pigeons alt, I'm actually just a 23 year old guy that works a simple 40 hour a week job. When I'm not working, I usually enjoy playing a handful of games, one of which includes CTTT. I was not a part of Crescent V1, but I am now definitely a part of the new Crescent. I could go on for more, but that's not what we are here for.

To cover some of the questions posted in the Applying For Staff thread,

How much time can you dedicate to your staffing duties? Can you commit yourself to staffing in the long run? For weeks? Months? Maybe even years? Will your personal life (school/work/etc) make it difficult for you to maintain this?

As stated, I do work a 40 hour a week job. However, I do my best to put in a few hours of CTTT a day, and on a day off, even more. I can easily put in 3 hours a day minimum, work days or not. My days off could easily double that or more. What about the time frame then? Well, as long as Crescent continues to be a fun and enjoyable experience, I plan to stick by it, regardless of position.

Do you know our gamemode and rules well enough? If you were to be asked some questions right now about the rules, could you answer them all?

When it comes to the basics of TTT rules, they are very easily understood. CTTT rules as well are not only easy to understand, but also very reasonable. I do believe I would be able to answer questions about general and CTTT Rules and be able to answer them properly. I would not be able to recite the amount of slays/warnings/ban per offense off memory at this time. I do go over the rules occasionally, so that may change as well.

How well do you handle pressure? How well do you handle social interactions? Staffing means being constantly in touch with other players, for better or for worse. Can you handle this kind of a role?

Pressure isn't a problem, and neither is the social aspect. I'm usually chatting around with people on the discord and in game as well. While I try to avoid tense situations, I expect to step in, in such situations while in a mod role.

What skills do you bring to the table that can make you into a solid candidate? What can you do to help us make Crescent better?

I do my best to be a fun and enjoyable person on the servers. Keeping Crescent a friendly place is not only vital for those who are already here, but for those who will come in the future. I am not a man of many talents, but I'd like to do my best to keep Crescent a heartfelt community.

How is your reputation in the community? What is your discipline history like? Would either of these things be a problem when you try to apply?

I would like to believe that I have a positive reputation within CTTT. I'm usually joking around and pulling pranks on people (And they do the same to me) with high spirits. I have never been VAC banned, nor banned to my knowledge from previous TTT Servers or CTTT. I have recieved slays before for bad judgement calls in situations, such as KOS off location and incorrect GBA, and served them as such. I highly doubt these would be an issue with applying, as I have learned and would rather die rightfully than take a chance and kill someone un-rightfully.​

Relevant Experience
I have not had experience in staffing on a TTT server, but I have had managing experiences in other games and situations. Apologies if they are nerdy.

Was leading officer in a WoW Guild for approx. 1 year
Lead a guild in WoW for approx. 1 year
Admin'd an Unturned server for a month or two, before it shut down.

I've played with RDM Manager a few times, mainly on other TTT servers to capture footage against me/in support of reports. It's been a while though.​

Stating about that I can run about 3 hours per day, I'm going to try and break it down a bit more here

The majority of my shifts end at 9:30 EST. I arrive home at 10 pm, and can typically play from 10 pm - 1-2 am, usually 1.
On my morning shifts, i can usually put in times from 4 pm - Midnight, on and off depending.

For consistency, id likely stick to saying 10 pm - 1 or 2 am (EST). While it most likely will be more than just these hours, these are the ones i can guarantee.​
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