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Hex: Autism

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Sep 3, 2020
TTT Staff Application
Hex: Autisim
STEAM_1:0:53615726 | vektoreo#5418 | UTC-4

Your Application
So ive been playing this server alot recently and have been having a ton of fun on it and thought it might be good to apply for a moderator role to help maintain the servers during off hours as i normally play later into the night but as well as during the day. Most mods probably know this but when none are on the servers tend to get a little uhm "wild" so it'd be good having someone on during those times to help keep the players happy and the karma's high! I've also made myself acquainted with most of the staff and feel like i try my best to make the game fun for all players and keep them wanting to come back. All being said im pretty new to the server but i feel like i could make a good impression on it given the chance so i thought id shoot my shot. Thanks!​

Relevant Experience
So i dont have any direct experience to being a mod for garrys mod but i used to admin high population minecraft server and was a mod on a rust server for almost a year until i quit the game so i understand how a person of power can use it to make the game more fun for all, But other then that i honestly dont have direct experience related to being a mod for Garrys mod.​

Honestly i have no life so i play games alot so like 3pm/EDT~3amEDT but am available to play certain hours if suggested/needed​
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