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I Love Isla

😎 Mr. Awesome
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Jun 11, 2020
TTT Staff Application
I Love Isla
STEAM_0:0:114248895 | Megumeme#0379 | UTC-5

Your Application
Hello, those of you who know me would know me by Isla. I've been on this server for around 3 weeks now which may not be long compared to a lot of other people but I've put in a lot of hours in the server and plan to continue to do so. I feel like in the time I've been here I get along with a lot of the regulars and the staff. This is a great community and I would want nothing more than to help keep it that way. I would love to help keep the server clean of the trolls and hackers that join sometimes and take some of the work off the other staff's shoulders. If I'm rejected then I will definitely try my hardest to improve and apply again when I'm ready.​

Relevant Experience
If I'm being honest, I haven't ever been a mod or anything on any server. Though I would absolutely love to make this server the first one I become a mod on, maybe even become more than just a mod someday. I'm a quick learner and feel like I'd be able to take care of reports quite fairly.​

Over the past three weeks I've been playing on this server I have gotten on everyday even when it wasn't very active. I've put in around 170ish hours the past three weeks alone. Sometimes I may be busy but always get on when I can.​
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