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Oct 11, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:510953124 | jkg#4705 | UTC-4

Your Application
I failed English about 3 times in my high school and college career so far, so I'm going to keep this short;

I've seen and played with just about all of you at this point, having started during the launch last Saturday, and it's pretty lit to play on a server other than Moat. I'm a full time student working three full days a week, so my weekday schedule is a little erratic.

Of the few people who I played with on Moat, hi.

I'm applying for staff so I can help the community, especially during the oddball hours on the US server when there are less staff available. Since it's still a relatively new server, I would love to help maintain a clean playing field so that new players who come across the server stick around a little longer.​

Relevant Experience
Revolution Gaming TTT mod (long dead group) - 2 years​

6am-12am weekends
7pm-12am Tuesday and Friday​
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