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Oct 13, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:66877603 | Joao#0266 | UTC-5

Your Application
Hey! To start off, my name is Joao, I’m 17, and I’d like to help moderate the server. I am rather quiet in game and only use my mic occasionally and mostly type, but using a mic won’t be a problem for moderation. I can bring unbiased moderation to the server while keeping it fun. I don’t think that people and staff should have the divide most servers have where the staff act like they’re better than the players. I know the in’s and outs of ttt and (most) rules of the server. Ive been playing TTT for years and know how staff should moderate. ⛄​

Relevant Experience
Admin on darkrp server for a few months a year ago, and mod on a ttt server for a month two years ago. Both ended up shutting down. I know how to use ulx commands and had some experience using default ttt rdm menu.​

Every other day, weekdays 3pm-9pm weekends all day​
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