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Apr 2, 2020
TTT Staff Application
Kbab |
STEAM_0:1:497779969 | Kbab#2342 | UTC-5

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Presentation and thoughts about the desired position:
Hello, my name is Kbab, I am a project crescent player who aspires to become a moderator who is fair and friendly to all members, the reason I aspire to be a moderator is because project crescent is the best server of all gmod and I literally play around 6 hours a day and I have had several rpm and hacking experiences inside the server and that there is no moderator found inside the server, so I chose to join the project crescent moderators team and do justice when not Be moderators inside the server and do justice to this server so perfect and fun.

My requirements:

Weekly requirement: I have it.
Play time: I have it.
Knowledge of rules: I have it.
CTTT understanding: I have it, but with training it can improve.
Communication: if I have a good level of English.
Discord account: I am inside.

I thank you very much for your attention, I hope that this request is written correctly and is accepted, finally I would like to make a comment about the admiration I have for project crescent since it is a very well done, creative and very funny server, my greatest admirations towards you.

Signature: Kbab

Relevant Experience
I have experience in the discipline area and how to treat server members, I also know the project crescent rules.​

Like 5 hours at the day :D
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