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Oct 22, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:1:61820757 | Lego#4784 | UTC-5

Your Application
Hi, my name is ♫Lego♫.

I am a 1st-year college student studying Game Design from Puerto Rico. I don't know what else to say other than Crescent TTT is the best TTT server I have played. I'm not saying this to kiss ass or anything. But I have never found a TTT server with such cool mechanics and such a great community where I could easily find a group of friends. I intend to help the community by dealing with reports and everything, but one day I would like to help develop some mechanics for the server.

I have met the weekly requirement ever since I first joined crescent, which was like a week or two before the Halloween event, except for this past week where I didn't get to play since I was spending time with friends and family, who I hadn't seen for a while during the thanksgiving break. I see myself almost never going a whole week without playing, like this past week it is very rare for me to go without playing.

As for knowing the rules, I am sure I can answer any question that I would be asked about them. I also fully understand the mechanics and other aspects of CTTT.

For communication, I use my mic regularly in both discord and in-game and have no problem talking with staff and other community members.

As for being under pressure, I don't see myself getting anxious or anything when I'm under pressure, that be schoolwork or anything, I analyze the problem and find a way to get it done.

Like said before since I am studying Game Design I can see myself eventually helping develop mechanics for crescent but as a staff member, I try to see each situation from both sides and deal with every report without being too strict or lenient on people.

Thank you,

Relevant Experience
Although I have not had any past experience in moderating on a TTT server, I have worked my way up to Super Admin on a DarkRP server and been staff on multiple Sandbox servers. So I have a good amount of staff experience but it was not TTT related.​

I am available during the late during the night for EU time on weekdays since I have classes scattered around the day, and anytime during the weekends. I see myself dedicating at least 3 or 4 hours a day to being on CTTT.​
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