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Feb 15, 2020
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:188732511 | Professional Idiot v2#1477 | UTC-5

Your Application
hi i would love to be an addition to the staff team i absolutely love helping people and looking out for servers people and just being a good person in general im a very friendly person and can talk to anyone about anything even if its personal i will be on duty as much as i can but school is tight for me atm and i switch houses and dont have a computer at my dads but i can still help answer questions through discord just wanted to say please tell me if i get on your nerves i have autism and ADHD​

Relevant Experience
i have ran a server before but didnt know what i was doing so i shut it down i want to try and be staff and im staff and run a bunch of discord servers​

it depends if me and my dad are fighting or if my grades are up and whos house i am at i will be available as much i possibly can​
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