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Oct 9, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:1:124333092 | MisterWhy#5975 | UTC-4

Your Application
Background/How I found out or heard about Crescent:
Well, I got into TTT just about a year and a half ago. And right off the bat I joined I've had a great time playing on there, staffing, and getting to know various players. A while ago on moat I did see a person with a crescent profile picture and I did wonder about what it was. After that I never heard about it again. As of recently I started hearing about crescent from Methelin, and now that I'm here I love it! You guys incorporate a lot of new elements moat never did. Attachments, end of round themes, custom jihad sounds etc... I also think it would be very neat to be able to help out with Crescent as it grows and thrives.

Why I like staffing/My drive:

Staffing is very dear to me. Playing TTT by itself is fun but after becoming a staff member it feels empty for me. Not being able to help players and remove RDMers. I want to make TTT a better place by policing the servers and giving players a sense of safety.

Additional Information:
If I'm in a stressful situation I react calmly and deal with each situation/report as it comes to me. I make my best effort to handle any and every situation the correct way. If I don't know how to handle something I ask someone a peer or someone above me in the chain-of-command. Once in a while I do mess up but it's only human. I take things in stride and use my mistakes to better how I handle a similar situation in the future.​

Relevant Experience
Well, I am currently an Administrator on
I've already been informed you guys don't support staffing moat while being staff on crescent so if I get accepted I will be resigning. I've already spoken to Helix about this.
I was staff on moat twice.
First period being from 10/22/18 - 5/15/19
I stayed only as a Moderator during that time on Moat.
Second period was from 8/12/19 - Current Date

Here are some examples of my work on moat:
Before Moat wiped the ban list -
From handling numerous complaints -

I'm usually on 6:00-10:30 PM on average unless I'm working or have an event. If I work I get on between 8:00-9:15 and stay on till 10:30 or possibly a bit later. Weekends I can be on most of the day unless I'm working, I work part time so its not a fixed schedule. I'm also homeschooled so I'm pretty flexible in the morning and stuff.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my application <3
I'll see you out there on the servers :)
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