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Oct 10, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:137407800 | Nekk#0345 | UTC-6

Your Application
Although new to the server, my experience staffing TTT servers isn't new. I know that the role of staff is to make sure everyone plays fairly and has a good time, something I strive to promote through gameplay or just going off the normal game mode and roleplaying in a way that does not effect the round negatively. I like to make people laugh and enjoy themselves, after all, that is why they play the game. Having migrated over from another server, I see this one has massive amounts of potential and would like to be a further part of the community.​

Relevant Experience
My past experience, which Methelin, Misterwhy and other plays can testify is that I was a moderator on Moat Gaming for several months, jumping between different servers to handle reports when staff size was low. I knew how to keep my composure and find a fair middle ground in tricky situations that satisfied both players. During my time there, I also spent an ample amount of time training new mods, I believe I trained Methelin and Falco when they were both mods. My main goal in the training was to ensure that reports were handled fairly, sometimes doing a deeper investigation into reports to make sure I didn't miss any factors, sometimes rewatching entire rounds to ensure an accurate course of action when it comes to handling slays.​

Being a full time student and working a job it can vary at times, but weekends will have me on quite a bit and when I am not swamped with homework I will be on. Can easily put in 15-20 hours a week on servers while also monitoring the discord when I am away from my computer.​
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