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Jul 27, 2020
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:127003056 | OfficerBuddycat#0983 | UTC-6

Your Application
Hello! I am OfficerBuddycat, usually referred to as "Officer" or "Buddycat". I've logged over 1000 hours on garry's mod, and I've played alot of TTT in that time. I know the TTT rules very well, and I am good at talking to people. Talking to people is the biggest reason I play TTT, the interactions are lots of fun! I have seen many reports for rule breaking on TTT handled, and I believe handling them would be very easy for me. I love solving problems, and making sure things run smoothly. Being a moderator sounds like lots of fun for what I enjoy doing, and I think I will be able to help this server's games run according to the rules provided. I don't get stressed, and I won't lose my temper because of online trash talk. I have a sense of humor, and I think trash talk is essential to making games competitive and fun, as long as it doesn't turn into harrassment. Also, I know people love to be ironic all of the time on this server, and while its fun I think being able to have an "off" switch to take things seriously sometimes is important. I would be a great addition to the mod team, and I think we would have fun playing TTT and solving problems together.​

Relevant Experience
I have never been a mod before, this would be my first time. Even so, I have played alot of garry's mod and TTT to know what I'm doing.​

I am usually available every day, excluding vacations. I doubt I will play gmod every single day, as I love a few other games. My sleep schedule right now isnt quite normal, as it rotates between being awake in the day vs being awake in the night and a little of each. This coming school year is my last year of Highschool, and it will be completed online, so I will most likely revert to a normal sleep schedule and I can safely say I will be available to mod for a heathly amount more than the required 10 hours a week.​
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