Denied [TTT Staff] plague doctor (STEAM_0:0:13801219)

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plague doctor

blue balling expert - 6 - europe 1348
Crescent Plus
Mar 30, 2020
TTT Staff Application
plague doctor
STEAM_0:0:13801219 | plague doctor#8259 | UTC-5

Your Application
~How much time can you dedicate to your staffing duties? Can you commit yourself to staffing in the long run? For weeks? Months? Maybe even years? Will your personal life (school/work/etc) make it difficult for you to maintain this?

i can see myself staffing for a while, i can dedicate a ton of time to crescent to staff as i already dedicate a lot of time just playing it normally. school will be a burden cause it's school but i can still dedicaste a good lot of time every day to this amazing server.

~How well do you handle pressure? How well do you handle social interactions? Staffing means being constantly in touch with other players, for better or for worse. Can you handle this kind of a role?

i can handle pressure pretty well. and i'm pretty social on the internet and irl so i'm pretty sure i can handle staffing

~Do you know our gamemode and rules well enough? If you were to be asked some questions right now about the rules, could you answer them all?

i've been playing ttt for about 6 to 8 years now so i know all the basic rules pretty well and i read the crescent rules a lot and know them good too.

~What skills do you bring to the table that can make you into a solid candidate? What can you do to help us make Crescent better?

my friends and colleagues consider me a good leader with good social skills which i can transfer to crescent along with keeping the server nice and clean from cheaters and just overall annoying and unruly people.

~How is your reputation in the community? What is your discipline history like? Would either of these things be a problem when you try to apply?

id say i have a good reputation i don't think anyone specifically hates me and i definitely don't plan on making anyone hate me​

Relevant Experience
i don't have much experience being a mod in ttt but i am a pretty fast learner and can definitely adapt and be a good mod givin training with the ttt aspects of staffing

i have staffed one gmod server before which was a darkrp server which is still up and going where i was staff for a good while till darkrp got boring to me and i stepped down. but in that time i had to deal with a lot of toxicity and overall annoyance which i felt helped me see into how hard staffing can be sometimes.​

8am gmt-5 to usually past when server dies
school will be a slight problem where i would probably be getting on around 5pm gmt -5 to around 9-10 pm gmt -5
weekends will be the same if my sleep schedule is fucked up which it is currently ill probably be getting on around 2-3 pm and stay on the rest of the day .​
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