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Oct 12, 2019
TTT Staff Application
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Good afternoon lovely people.

Who am I?

Some should know me, but many still will not. Hello! I am Charlotte, a 25 year old full time 3D artist from England! I'm loud and full of sarcasm, however please don't take my insults personally, they never (well rarely) are. If I were to ever offend i'd jump at the chance to apologize. It's just my way of saying I like you. I've been addicted to Garrys mod since.. 2015? and it saw me through some rough patches. I don't see my addiction giving up any time soon now another server with people I love - so far, has come along.

It's been a great experience playing on the server since it relaunched last week. I know many familiar faces and I find myself struggling to pull away. After moat left quite a sour taste in my mouth, I have been drifting through a few servers trying to find something that feels like home and so far this one does.

So, why do I want to be staff?

I want to feel like I am helping people have fun and enjoy their time on crescent. I come online to have fun and smile, as should everyone else. When I see someone having a bad time, I want to help. While I can lend an ear, or try to make the game more fun with them, I cannot help with harassment if I have no power to do so. I've got experience over multiple past servers as staff, although may need a tad bit of time to adjust to this servers style. I'm usually very lenient on accidents, however I do hold myself to a professional standard when required and will try to resolve any problems pleasing both parties. It's very rare I get riled up, so I can guarantee no stupid anger bursts which I have seen some staff have in the past. I also like to be helpful wherever I can be. Honestly, for all my hours I am crap at ttt, so spend a lot of time dead. While I am bad at picking out hackers/people using scripts, I do record game-play in chunks, so evidence can be collated or checked if something doesn't seem right. Might as well be useful in that dead time and help others where needed. We all come on to get away, so I want to help you have the best time you can while in the servers. It has been a while since I have staffed properly, so I would need some time to learn the systems, as I am sure this team has it top notch ... right? I am sure as it is all so new, we will all learn together anyway.

This will also help me get off Garrys mod during work hours, as I couldn't staff properly half concentrating. So it's as much as a help to me as it should be to you.

Hope I didn't rumble on too long.

Thankyou for reading, feel free to chuck any questions at me, any time. Otherwise, have a great evening, I am sure to see many of you around!​

Relevant Experience
Moderator at Twoscore (Thanks Nathan!)
Moderator - Admin at Never trust hannah. (Ask Hammade)
^These two servers died a while back. So I suppose you'll just have to... trust me.

Moderator on Moat Gaming, That place was suffocating for staff.
I'm guessing I can't count the day or two as staff on SGM?​

UK Evenings and weekends.
Dependant on my IRL plans, plus work schedule. However as I moved to the city recently and friends live all over the country, most of my evenings are free.
Not available from 12am-7am weekdays as I like sleep.​
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