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Oct 13, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:81990998 | THEFINALRICK#3974 | UTC+5

Your Application
Yo, its me RICK.
I've been on the server for a while at this point, and I am now applying for staff. I have been somewhat active since joining, taking a couple month or three breaks between events while I focused on either personal projects or school stuff. I wasn't on for V1 but I have been here since October of 2019. I have been playing a lot more recently and would like to get involved so I made this application.

How much time can you dedicate to your staffing duties? Can you commit yourself to staffing in the long run? For weeks? Months? Maybe even years? Will your personal life (school/work/etc) make it difficult for you to maintain this?

Although I am soon to go off to college, I will still have free time to spend on the server, and will be able to spend it staffing if I am accepted.

Do you know our gamemode and rules well enough? If you were to be asked some questions right now about the rules, could you answer them all?

Yes, I go over the rules list a lot to both dispute and/or make reports so I have in-depth knowledge of them and loopholes people would try to use to get out of slays, as well as most common misconceptions new users have about the rules, and the couple differences between crescent's rules and the usual rule set used on most servers.

How well do you handle pressure? How well do you handle social interactions? Staffing means being constantly in touch with other players, for better or for worse. Can you handle this kind of a role?

I handle pressure fine, although I can sometimes get mad like anyone else, but I will be able to always remain objective in reports. I am always talking to others in the server and I recently fixed my microphone so I am able to handle communicating frequently, as I already do.

What skills do you bring to the table that can make you into a solid candidate? What can you do to help us make Crescent better?

Having ran and staffed on my own and another TTT server before, I understand the commands used by admins, and although they would be different on the server I would be able to adapt myself quickly. I usually find myself on the server either really late or really early most days so I would be able to deal with slays and stop the early morning RDMfest that happens while the mods are sleeping. I'm usually one of the people complaining that reports aren't getting done so I will be able to just do them myself.

How is your reputation in the community? What is your discipline history like? Would either of these things be a problem when you try to apply?

Although some don't like me I feel like my reputation is good enough for me to apply to staff. I haven't been toxicity banned on this server and my last warnings are from the week I joined the server back in October 2019. I do not feel like there are any character problems preventing me from applying for staff, and I can set aside petty differences and conflicts to be able to objectively deal with reports.

Relevant Experience
Trial Moderator on Milkshake TTT, 3000 hours of GMOD, 95% of it spent on TTT, and I used to run my own TTT and non-TTT servers on GMOD. I have not been staff on any servers in a while but I understand the duties and responsibilities of a staff member compared to a normal user, as well as all the standard ULX commands.

I have no sleep schedule so I am usually on really early or really late, mostly when no staff are online. During midday I try to hop online when the servers start getting around 4-5 people, but I am gonna have to start sleeping regularly for school and will probably be getting on a bit in the mornings and then at night around 5-7 pm.
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