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Sep 22, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_1:1:12615 | Rooflolly (spooky)#1799 | UTC+1

Your Application
So, I think I should get the position because I am someone who is dedicated to helping players, and trying to make the experience fun for all players.
I think I should get promoted so I can fill that gap and catch players who are getting away with breaking server rules later on in the nights when most EU staff are like, sleepy and just not with the server, I play until late.
I feel like I am quite active and known on Crescent by a number of people, and I'm always on discord, checking as much as I can all the time, I really enjoy being here on Crescent and I intend to stay here for a long time.
I'd like to say that I am very friendly with other players, I am approachable and always willing to help someone out if they need anything and in the future when and if I can get more items and currency I will be willing to give new players stuff to give them a good head start.
I am a dedicated person, easily, I loved being a mod on Moat, but that didn't turn out well, if I get it here, I will love it and make it a great time for myself and everyone else.​

Relevant Experience
I was moderator on Moat Gaming for a long while until falsely demoted over some stupid argument, but I knew what I was doing and was very good at what it was I had to do.
I've also had different staff roles on various TTT/DarkRP servers which weren't too big and don't run anymore, mainly administration roles.​

I am available to play from 9.30PM until about 1-2AM, there will be some rare occasions where I will have more time however.​
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