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Aug 10, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:1:40861327 | Samkat115#2153 | UTC-5

Your Application
Everyone saw this coming, I'm sure.

I'm sam, moderator extraordinaire. I have spent literal hours unraveling the spaghetti that is the SGM rule set and applying them fairly and accurately, as well as being the lead administrator for a while on a now defunct community. More info can be given in private if necessary as there is personal information involved.

I had to drop my studio classes this semester and have untold hours to burn in the middle of the day to spend babysitting the players populating this community.

I've got tons of experience in moderating and administration, and experience with current administration. I keep things as fair as possible and focus on keeping the game fun. I'm responsive to reports, work with players that need help, and can sort through all the trouble that comes up on a busy server. I can dedicate a lot of time to the server for the foreseeable future and create an atmosphere that people want to play in. I'd love to be able to help the server grow and become a solid TTT community.​

Relevant Experience
Lead Admin on a now closed community, twice. ~1000 hours of my staffing from there.

Moderator for SGM a couple times. ~500 hours​

Almost every day for a few hours a day at least. Most of the middle of my days are empty.​
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