Accepted [TTT Staff] Siddo (STEAM_0:0:34549309)

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Aug 8, 2019
TTT Staff Application
Siddo (IG: Negative IQ)
STEAM_0:0:34549309 | Siddo#7777 | UTC+2

Your Application

Most of you probably know me or have heard of me. I'm a cringe 21 years old dude, I've gone by Siddo and Snowflake. Currently I'm using Negative IQ but just call me Siddo.

With the introduction over - I'm an active and engaged player with plenty of experience. I know most of the rules by heart and I'm generally not a very strict person. I learn quickly and I voice my opinion when I have one.... And while I can be a tiny very small little bit wordy at times when expressing it, it's a bad habit I've mostly dropped.

My creed for staffing is that I'm doing it for the community, not against it. This in practice means that even if something might technically be a bit spammy or similar minor rule breaks, I won't always use staffing tools to sort it out. In some cases, it might not need sorting, in others, saying some dumb shit like "Ay, my ears are bleeding, y'all got some band-aids?" can get your point across without ruining the positive atmosphere.

I'd like to be staff to take active part in shaping this community as it grows from here.

That's me. Any questions or criticisms, let me know.​

Relevant Experience
SGM Staff
Cumulative 1½-2 years'ish

RuneScape clan staff
~4 months​

I'll usually be available in the afternoon through the evening, EU time.
On days when I don't have lectures, I may also be available in the morning or late night.

Normally I play for a couple of hours at a time.​
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