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Dec 5, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:1:104992108 | Slick Sloth#7297 | UTC-5

Your Application
Not sure how to start this, but yoooooooooo. My name is Colby, but alot of you may know me by $lick $loth on the server. I wanna apply for staff because I feel like I can help make the server better and also pick up Flire's slack so he can watch YouTube with ease while he is playing. Ive been playing this server since November of last year and have not stopped even after multiple lengthy bans. This shows you what kind of care and love I have for this server and it has also had an impact on me and has mellowed me out honestly. Over the months I have made alot of friends off and on with different people of the server. One of my best skills I would say is that im social and welcoming and for the most part easy going. People take me too seriously when I play sometimes when I am being stupid or crazy, but eventually just learn that that's just who I am and that im messing around. One big thing that really comes with me being a moderator if I am approved is that I can hop on at anytime just about to take care of reports and shit. Im on usually a good 8 hours a day usually. I feel like this would really help out and boost morale on people staying on the server as well versus someone joining for their first time and getting RDM'd like crazy and leaving because no staff was on. Anyway Im dabbed out and not sure what else to say. Im a fast learner and Im comedy gold. If I get moderator I promise to make Crescent Great Again and to rid the server of all Mexicans named Lego. Thank you to all of my supporters and my fanclub. I love all of you.​

Relevant Experience
On the real I have never been a moderator on any servers. Im a quick ass learner though. If I can extract Dimethyltryptamine from Mimosa Hostillus I can moderate a server.​

Man the trap is jumpin like a Monkey Joes. We available almost 24/7 except when Im fishing, hiking, sucking toes, eating ass, sleeping, or picking up some Chillis for me and my hoe.​
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