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Nov 7, 2020
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:69404412 | Plushie#9881 | UTC-7

Your Application
I am Plushie! I am a 25 year old that lives in the United States. You may have recently seen me around, as I have been playing Crescent for the past few months. I played a lot of TTT in college and forgot how fun the game was; especially the social aspect that comes along with playing. I would like to become moderator to help keep Crescent the fun and safe community that I have come to know and enjoy. I have experience handling RDM reports, and dealing with serious situations of hate. I would like to help keep the server peaceful and fun!​

Relevant Experience
I played Toy Room TTT and was a moderator for a year before the server shut down. From this moderator experience, I do know the ins and outs of how to deal with RDM reports/look at damage logs/watch death scenes. I am also a very unbiased person, so even if my friend RDMs, I will look at the facts and not just side with them.​

I work a 8 to 4 (Mountain time) but will be able to hop on whenever needed after working hours in the evenings. I am also free all day during the weekends. :) I do work from home, so if there is an emergency I can always hop on the server and help out.​
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