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Oct 14, 2019
TTT Staff Application
weeb warrior
STEAM_0:0:12345678 | 🅱oxin #42069 | UTC-8

Your Application
im applying for admin. i think u should give me admin, it looks like you need me more than i need you. for the low price of $10/p hour i will staff your servers during EU graveyard shift. but act on this fast, if you accept me within the next 24/hrs ill not only staff the eu during graveyard, ill also staff during "peak" hours (just pay shipping and handling.)

i knew i was admin material the moment i was born. the first words that apparently came out of my mouth were "crescent ttt." while my parents were disappointed and asked who or what that was, they fully supported me on my admin journey.

i have accumulated over 500+ hours of watching anime. i memorized the most epic anime morale boosting speeches and i constantly play anime battle music in the background to get me pumped up. i also naruto run every day and so far nothing has been happening but if i set my mind to it im pretty sure something epic would happen.

i have a good attitude but i will be honest and get upset when someone insults my favorite anime (cory in the house.) im also fun to play with but only if you praise my staffing abilities. i perform at my peak when the whole server acknowledges my existence and confirms that i am the best staff member anybody could have.

while this may seem high maintenance i can assure you its not. i can handle criticism very well, you just may need to make the effort to handle it back. also if there ever comes a time where we need to have a 1 on 1 i may cry the whole time but i am listening and jotting down notes so dont worry, just tone out the crying and itll sound like we're having a perfectly normal conversation.

think of this as an investment, a really really good investment. like investing into Microsoft or apple before they became big. you dont want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity

also ill make it clear now that i will not want to staff here if i cant use skype while in game.​

Relevant Experience
while i have no staffing experience whatsoever but i have watched many videos on youtube on "how to staff" and while its usually just real life job videos it at least provides me with a foundation and how to approach things

i also talk to a lot of ppl and i can handle their bullshit, i think thats already a huge plus and should instantly scream "wow i definitely need to accept this person as admin asap"

this one time i gave my friend $5 because he wanted to buy some chips, this was back in middle school. i think i found it on the ground and i felt pretty generous, so when we were walking home we were passing by a 711 and i gave him $5. he came out with some small bag of hot cheetos. while he didnt share i was just happy he had his craving satisfied. now that i think about it he never gave me the change for it, he kept it. but thats okay. anyways a week after he stole my gba and my pokemon emerald game...i caught all the pokemon on it and i was bummed out. i knew he stole it and he lied about it when i confronted him but i ended up dropping it. i still talked with him and hung out.
why the story? well its just one of the billion experiences i had throughout my life that showcases how professional and experienced i am at handling things. if you want another example i can definitely provide though it might take a while since i have so many experiences itll just all come at once and it can be a bit overwhelming​

please see "your application" section.
usually people set a timeframe but to show you how superior/dedicated i am ill just say "for the right price, anytime" though as long as its before 9pm, my mom has a bedtime for me and i respect her rules so i need to be in bed by 9pm everyday.​
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