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Sep 16, 2020
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:1:65400849 | vintage dior#5221 | UTC+3

Your Application
Hello my name is nat or dior, I've been playing CTTT for a little while now and I've grown to become obsessed with it. I have like a thing for gambling with no consequences and the shard system has had me coming back from when I wake up to when I go to sleep.

I've grown familiar with all the regulars and can name them by voice but naturally I'm not quite sure how they personally feel about me (Obviously they love me though), and that may be something I might need to learn more about. I'm not quite sure truly what to put here due to reading other staff applications and they're all the same things over and over so yikes.

Also, I was staff on a server that had a ticket system and sit's so I've grown accustom to mingery and becoming tiltproof. Once you've dealt with a group of people complaining about the server owner mass RDM'ing you can handle anything.​

Relevant Experience
I was a staff member on Mobsters Paradise, hired by alexa if proof is needed but honestly ask anyone they all loved me. Once I was hired I started staffing immediately and reached 210 tickets in 13 hours. I was promptly promoted twice and given mod of the week 1 day after being hired. I reached 700 tickets in 1 week and then resigned due to school.​

I know it says not to say all day but if you look at my playtime I'm legitamitely available all day with some afk moments to do normal things here and there. The only days I wouldnt be available are days where bitsurface or tech crunch is held but that already happened so yeet.​
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