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Aug 8, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_1:1:76063763 | Zyp#5000 | UTC-7

Your Application
I have played TTT for thousands of hours, and with similar and exact rules of Crescent at the moment, I have been staff, in admittedly short in the eyes of many, 4 times. My reputation involving TTT rules has been almost perfect, over all of my servers I've only had 5 karma bans, and one RDM and leave ban from years ago. My reputation as a person on servers is no where near perfect, I believe that people saw me as much more mature than one my age was, and well I tried my hardest to portray that, but I was not perfect and as such had many slip ups and caused outright clusterfucks. Although I had all of these mistakes and experiences, I never forget them. It could possibly be a negative, but I do my best to use them and build on them to make a good person, and someone who is not only a person who has to be overbearing, but someone who knows when to have some fun, and not just be a robot.

I have been staff with and under many of the current staff, and I know that you remember who I am as both a player and staff. Last year I signed up for a volunteer position at the Zoo, I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and in that I decided to take the more public speaking route, and in this I learned how to deal with people, and I did deal with people that were a bit taxing on you. One was the "Know-It-all" they are someone that instead of coming up to learn something at the station, they taught you about the station instead. There are many more of these "peoples" but it would make this much longer than it already is.

I guess what I am trying to say is that with every mistake I have made, I learn from it, I do not forget it. I hope that the experience that I have, and the knowledge that I have learned in my time playing Garrys mod TTT and just plain growing up, that it could be useful for you to have me on the staff team.​

Relevant Experience
I have had 4 staff tenures, each about 1-2 months long, some with some of the current staff team as well. I played on crescent v1 quite a lot, I have looked at the rules, and I realize with some slight tweaking to what I was used to I will be on task.

As said in my Application tab, I have worked on things outside my comfort zone in ways that will help me here If I were accepted into the staff team.​

Right now I am available Monday-Wednesday around 3:30-~11:00 pm , Thursdays I will be usually unavailable, Friday I am available from around 3:30 pm to late at night, and Saturday and Sundays I am usually available, but those are the most common days for me to be busy and involved in family activities. All times are in UTC-7

This is my schedule until December, when I finish high school, I would then need to checkup and reevaluate my time commitment as it is currently much more than what I knew as normal. I also am looking into getting a seasonal job relatively soon, so that may lower my time a small amount.

I know I will be able to fit the 10 hour requirement, and probably get farther above, but I will be working on not playing too much as I had a history of burning my self out quickly due to overplay.​
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