Accepted [TTT] The quest for lost shards.

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The Real Zax
Crescent Plus
Oct 17, 2019
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The quest for lost shards.​

So basically, I sent a trade of 1009 shards to tups, [STEAM_0:1:82603599] and also asked for 1000 shards in return. I sent tups the offer, and obviously, tups accepted it, as he was making 9 shards profit. So I waited a couple of minutes before re-opening my inventory again, and when I did, I came to realize that I only had 400 shards. Not 1,400. I asked tups if he received the shards, and he said he did. I started telling everyone, that I had lost my 1000 shards. And better yet, I asked tups to view my inventory through a trade, and he said I still had the 1.4K shards. He told me to try and re-log. So I did, I relogged, and to my surprise, the shards did not return. I asked tups to view my inventory again, and he said this exactly, "Oh what? Its gone?" then I proceeded to joke about it to make a few people laugh, as it was funny to other people of the loss of one mans shards.

(I was also in a discord call with Carney#4416, MemeDaddy6669#8296, NotJacobNic#6270 , Ruki#8060, nebula#8053.)

Reproduction Steps:
Step 1 - I sent Tups [STEAM_0:1:82603599] a trade of 1009 shards for 1000 shards.
Step 2 - Tups accepts, and he receives his 9 shards, but I lose my 1000 shards.
Step 3 - I freak out
Step 4 - I tell carney, and the people im in a discord call with about it, and Carney messages Veri.
Step 5 - I come to the forums and make a bug report

I tried doing a trade like this with carney, with 1 shards for 2 shards, but it worked perfectly fine. I don't know why I lost the 1000 shards after the original trade, I cannot reproduce it, but you guys can try doing the exact numbers to see if it works again.​

I have no proof of this, my only proof is Tups [STEAM_0:1:82603599], as he is the one I did the trade with, Also trade logs, and all of the discords in the explanation, as I was in a call with all of them during the happening of this event.​
Not open for further replies.