WepMod Utility mod that increases trait range

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Lavernius Tucker

Crescent Plus
Oct 18, 2019
Got disarray on a SCAR today and had this idea, I think it'd make disarray on snipers potentially a viable choice
This mod would be named Stretch and it would work with any trait that has any kind of range stat (blackhole, magnet, disarray, maybe even bombastic)
Increases trait effective range by +15%/+35%/+55% (this can always be changed)

Another slight change I wanted to bundle in this thread since I thought it was relevant: any trait with a range stat that doesn't have it displayed in the description and is just some needlessly vague "nearby" or something should display an exact range stat just to make it easier to find out if using this mod would be worth it


Pijon mustard
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
Most traits don't have a downside because it isn't necessary. The fact that if you use this, you can't use another utility mod like lightweight or emags is enough of a downside on its own.

I'd be curious to see how feasible this is, considering how different traits use range in different ways (swap, Chrono, bombastic, sonar). If it's doable, I think it'd be pretty good.
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