Accepted Warp Change/Revert

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Crescent Lite
Aug 8, 2019
Hey y'all, I want to talk a bit about Warp, and why it's gone into the shitter during the past few patches.

On release, Warp was a simple trait- you kill someone, and for 5 seconds you have the ability to teleport to their corpse.
Then, during the Arsenal update, it was changed so that you could warp to someone after only damaging them, and had a 15 second cooldown slapped on it.
Then, during the Christmas update, it was nerfed to have a cast time and a noise indicator, so that you couldn't abuse it by hitting one shotgun pellet and teleporting to them for an easy CQ kill.

Honestly, I think the release warp was the coolest because of how freely you could use it. It became a tool for outplays instead of guaranteeing a free kill every 15 seconds. However I did think the warp-on-damage mechanic was cool, and I want that to remain- which is why I made this post. I have an idea for changing warp, and if it doesn't have positive feedback then I would rather Opal just reverts the trait to its state on release.

Here is what I am suggesting today:

Upon damaging or killing a player, you MARK them for five seconds. You may only have one player MARKED at a time. MARKED players have a text box on the side of their screen indicating that they've been MARKED. At any time, you may warp to a MARKED player, appearing closer to them depending on how much damage you have dealt to them (so if your shot does 1 damage, you will appear the furthest, and you will appear the closest at 99 and 100 damage). Warping to a living player puts Warp on a 30 second cooldown.

TL;DR: I have a suggestion for a mark rework; Damaging/killing someone lets you warp to them, and you warp closer to them the more damage you dealt; warping to a living player puts warp on a cooldown.


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Jun 21, 2019
I agree, warp has been over-nerfed last patch. I like your idea here, though the distance mechanic feels like something that over-complicates it. The rest is good.


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Crescent Plus
Aug 11, 2019
There is also an issue when warping where you can get stuck and be frozen if the warp doesn't go through. Not sure what causes it exactly but it stops all forms of movement and persists until the end of the next round's prep phase.
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