Other Warping and headhunting changes

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Oct 13, 2019
1st Warping rework idea
Let's the user teleport a short distance wherever there looking (range is about what is reflected in the picture above)
----- 30 Second cooldown and 0.15 second fire delay after teleport -------
Makes the trait more fun to use for shorter range engagements and getting around the map quicker, but removes it's long range teleportation capabilities
There are already multiple traits that give you mobility and or a way out of an engagement, this would work more as a jack of all trades master of none as it doesn't particularly give you a lot of range or a safe way out.

2nd warping rework idea
Remove the teleportation timer on kills or increase it by 30, 40 seconds.
Would make it less clunky without changing how the trait works massively.

Headhunting buff
Change no bodyshot damage to 50% or 40% dmg on body shots when activated.
Makes the trait not worthless on most guns​
Not open for further replies.