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Oct 8, 2019
This is sort of an add-on to Torjbone's suggestion #6, which came to mind while I was taking the survey.

I want to play around with weapon mods on various weapons, and how it interacts with a trait. Some of these weapons I don't have in a high enough rank, and some would be prohibitively expensive to obtain (for instance, if I wanted a particular trait on a particular legendary-grade weapon.) So, the cost of my wanting to play around could potentially be extremely high, for a thing that may not turn out as great as I thought. I want a system wherein we can more accurately determine the personal value of a build idea before we sink a ton of resources into working towards it.

I propose a Weapon Preview system where we can build a weapon in a workshop containing all weapons, traits, mods, etc.; and then pay shards or cc to equip that weapon on a temporary basis - two maps/12 rounds, maybe, long enough to really try it out. However, you should also severely limit the number of times this can be done in a given period, to avoid the Pay-to-Win accusation from people just repeatedly 'renting' weapons with real-life money. I'd be happy with once a week, or even once a month, given how slowly I achieve my projects on crescent.

This is obviously slightly different than the borrowing system, because what will happen is that when you release new weapons, tons of players will instantly be crafting their version of it.


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Aug 11, 2019

This is a great idea. Another solution could be having a practice range server that's not linked to the main server and it could have a separate inventory. It might be a fair amount of effort to create either system but I love the idea of trying it before being stuck with it. Currently, the only solution is to borrow someone else's gun but that's rather limiting in and of itself. I dislike the idea of having to waste a tier 3 mod if I'm not happy with how it performs.