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  • CrescentCraft Returns!

    It's time for another CrescentCraft playthrough! We are hosting a modded v1.12.2 playthrough for the community, starting this weekend. Everyone is welcome to join!
    For more information, please visit the CrescentCraft channel in our Discord server.

    See you there! 💛

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New Member
Aug 27, 2019
Hey, I'm Dark of Dutch.

I've been playing and moderating TTT for several years, took a break from the game after playing it for almost every day.
I wanted to go back but the old community I used to play in died off a little bit, so I heard Opalium @Opalium had his own community and here I am!

I see allot of familiar names on the threads already and allot of new ones, I'm sure I get to know most of you!

I'll see you guys on the forums!

Have a nice day,

-Dark of Dutch


Shining Justice
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
skinny penis
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