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  • CrescentCraft Returns!

    It's time for another CrescentCraft playthrough! We are hosting a modded v1.12.2 playthrough for the community, starting this weekend. Everyone is welcome to join!
    For more information, please visit the CrescentCraft channel in our Discord server.

    See you there! 💛

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Arctic Freeze

New Member
Oct 9, 2019
Lots of you may know me, I come from a community I used to respect and worked my way up hard to become an admin there, now that there is little to no hope of it recovering anytime soon I am looking to nestle down somewhere else and thanks to some suggestions and a promising future I have turned here, hope to see you around!
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Oct 9, 2019
Hey! Happy to see you here. I truly believe you will enjoy it here! And in the great words of Dr. Issac Kleiner "Best of luck in your future endeavors"