The Arsenal Update

Crescent TTT - Content Update #1

Note: some parts of this mini-site are subject to change.


Your arsenal just got really, really big.

Welcome to the Arsenal update, the first major content update for Crescent TTT, which is centered around the most crucial aspect of the game: weapons.
We have it all: new WepMods, Traits, weapon skins, effects - and a brand new weapon to discover. There's quite a lot packed in this one, so buckle up - we're going in.

The MAG-7

There's a new weapon in (terrorist) town.

Say hello to the MAG-7, the newest addition to Crescent's weapons roster. This shotgun is known for its unusual reloading technique: it uses a magazine rather than one-by-one reloading, which means reloading will always provide you with a full clip - but will take longer than the time takes to load a single pellet in other shotguns.
Outside of that, the MAG-7 excels at close quarter exchanges and can quickly take down any target, but becomes less than optimal at any range further than that. It's fast - faster than any other shotgun - but its speed is also its weakness, and rapid firing will quickly make it very inaccurate. This is the glass-cannon of shotguns, and should be treated as such: use it wisely and it will reward you greatly; misuse it, and you will be punished.

Weapon Skins

We're Going Big This Time

New Weapon Skins

If you're out killing people - make sure you look good doing it too.
With the Arsenal update, we're introducing over 70(!!) new skins into the game - more than double the current amount! With each weapon finally getting at least one skin in each tier, there's always something to look forward to now. Can you collect them all?

The SkyFrost Collection

Here's a special one: for this update, we teamed up with the super talented SkyFrost, a well experienced skins creator for CS:GO. Together, we created a collection of 28 skins, all of which are exclusive to Crescent TTT. That's right: you won't find these beauties anywhere else.

We'd like to extend our sincerest gratitude to SkyFrost for his amazing work on these beautiful skins. He's a very talented fellow, and you should totally check out the rest of his work.


The Arsenal update introduces 3 new traits, 2 reworked traits, and many improvements to the rest of them. What unholy plays will you end up performing with them?


The double edged sword of Crescent TTT.
With amplify, your outgoing damage is boosted - but so is incoming damage, making this a very tricky yet powerful tactic. Can you master this high-risk, high-reward mechanic?


Hit them when they least expect it.
Repulse releases a powerful pulse that immediately pushes everyone around you away, like a discombobulator on steroids. Push your enemies off the edge, force them into hazards, or quickly disorient them at the moment of truth - the unexpected Repulse is the deadliest.


They can't hide forever.
Sonar broadcasts a high-frequency sound in an area around you, revealing anyone within its range for a few seconds - all without making any noise to others. Now you can easily intercept incoming attackers, prepare an ambush, or find a quiet escape route - without anyone else knowing.


Take control of gravity itself.
The reworked Blackhole trait takes the mechanic to a whole new level of power. When activated, your weapon will create an real, functional blackhole at your location, which will trap anyone around it in its gravity field and constantly pull them for a few seconds. Do we even need to say more?


Death comes slowly.
This Trait, which replaces the now-gone WepMod, adds a special Bleed effect to your shots. If you're lucky enough, bleed will trigger and cause your target to constantly lose health over time, giving you the upper hand even without direct combat. How cool is that?

Balance Changes

  • Bombastic
    Now activates as a regular trait rather than on reload
    Cooldown: 0s -> 20s
    Damage: 35 -> 45
    Explosion delay: 2s -> 1s
    No longer allowed on shotguns

  • Gravity & Knockback
    The passive effect has been moved into the active effect
    Self effect is now only negated if you are crouching
    Taking damage now disables the effect even if it's already active
    Effect disable time: 3s -> 1s

  • Headhunter
    Spread reduction: 0% -> 33%
    Effect length: 15s -> 8s
    Cooldown: 30s -> 25s

  • Magnet
    No longer drops on activation
    Now disables firing for 1s when activating
    Activation delay: 1s -> 0s

  • Overload
    No longer drops when overheats
    Now disables firing for 2s when overheats

  • Warp
    Warp is now enabled when damaging players, not only on kills
    Cooldown: 0s -> 15s


For the Arsenal update, we're introducing 3 new WepMods, as well as making some changes to existing WepMods to improve how they work with each other.



Balance Changes

  • Quick Aim: now cancels the movement speed penalty when aiming down the sights.
  • Backstab: now installs into the Handguard slot.
  • Longshot: now installs into the Ammunition slot.
  • Rumble: now installs into the Ammunition slot.
  • Stability: now installs into the Barrel slot.
  • Switcheroo: now installs into the Magazine slot.
  • Bleed: removed; now available as a Trait.

Fun Rounds

Explosive barrels? Or maybe just regular explosive? Why not both?

Bomb Rush

Don't wait too long...
Bomb Rush puts you and the rest of the server in a race against time. A random player is given a bomb which explodes after a few seconds. They must transfer that bomb to another player by attacking them from melee range, or they will explode! As the round goes on, more and more players are removed, and the chances of tagging another become smaller. Can you be the last one standing?

Barrel Blast

Kasta would've been proud.
How many barrels are too much? What a stupid question! In this fun round, we use ALL the barrels. Face the rest of the server in this hilarious and very deadly free for all, where your only weapon is the K-AS TA-3000! Regular barrels, explosive barrels, and holy crap even more of them - how long can you survive?


Sights to see, places to conquer.

Complex 67

Orange v8

Pool Party








White House

Al's Toys Barn


MC Mythic R2

Player Models

Super heroes, gaming characters, movie claasic, and more - who will you become this time?


Ascendant One


Borderlands 3


Code Vein


DC Comics


Fate: Grand Orders


World of Warcraft

Academy Ahri

League of Legends


Marvel Comics


Marvel Comics


The Matrix


Modern Warefare 2


Nier: Automata








Rainbow Six: Siege


Resident Evil 5

Ruby Rose





Robocop Saga

Space Suit



Marvel Comics

John Wick

John Wick Saga

Alyx Vance

Half-Life 2


Half-Life 2

Dr. Breen

Half-Life 2

Eli Vance

Half-Life 2

Dr. Kleiner

Half-Life 2

Dr. Mossman

Half-Life 2


Half-Life 2

Giorno Giovanna

JoJo's Bizarre Adventures


Now available as a regular drop

The Nurse

Now available as a regular drop

Zack's Halloween Costume

Now available as a regular drop

Replacer Weapons

Two special melee replacements are now available in Crescent TTT. Crowbar duels will never be the same again.

Crescent Rose

Who said scythes had to be all dark and spooky and soul-harvesting, like Reapalium's Reaper? This one right here is bright, colorful, and absolutely cool. The weapon of choice of Ruby Rose from RWBY, the Crescent Rose is both a scythe and a sniper rifle in one device. Yes, you read this correctly: this is a scythe that is also a sniper rifle. Told you it's cool.
(Not available as a sniper. Yet.)

Jackhammer M1-W

We all need a bit of a relief sometimes from the endless blood bath that is the Terroist Town. And if your soul is tired of murder and wishes for something else - why not try art? The Jackhammer M1-W is an extremely useful tool for this type of work with 5x the speed of a regular crowbar, allowing you to efficiently draw on any wall. Just don't try to fight with it... it probably won't be of much help there.

Legendary Effects

Two new Legendary Effects await you in the Arsenal update, as well as an improved look to Gold Touch.


Star Power

Gold Touch

The Gold Touch effect has been given a shiny new look. And they say not all that glitters is gold...

Misc. Changes

And there's more. Read the rest of the changes introduced with this update below:
  • Daily tasks: amount increased to 4.
  • Weekly tasks: amount increased to 3.
  • New task - The Big Bang: As a Traitor, kill X opponents with C4.
  • Medic: now also accepts heals from the Rejuvenator.
  • The Survivor: removed.
  • Tracer: removed.

  • Crafting crates and caches now permanently costs 50 shards.

Items & Inventory:
  • New item: Frag Grenade
  • New item: Incendiary Grenade
  • New item: Smoke Grenade
  • New item: Discombobulator
  • New item: Flashbang
  • The Halloween event rewards are now tradable.
  • Fixed a bug where Precious+ weapons may sometimes not drop with a Trait.
  • Fixed a bug where Legendary weapons may sometimes not drop with an effect.
  • GUI changes and fixes.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented shotguns from activating traits sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug where traits could sometimes be activated before round start.
  • Fixed a bug where the trait cooldown display would sometimes break or disappear.
  • Fixed a bug where the HUGE may sometimes act weird on weapon switch.
  • Improved the shader settings for some weapon skins.