Crescentmas 2019

Crescent TTT - Christmas 2019 Update

Merry Crescentmas, players!

'Tis the season to be traitorous.

Welcome to our very first Christmas event! In this time of holiday cheer and spirit, of giving and providing, we are happy to share with you a very special event that we created specially for this occasion. There are new skins (again!), new wearables, and a special event round.
Our Christmas event will be live from December 24th until January 4th, which means you'll have plenty of time to collect all the goods and enjoy the content.

Let's find out what's under the Christmas tree this time...

Season's Beatings

Snowball fights have never been so deadly.

This Christmas, you're all invited to the greatest (and most violent) snowball fight: Season's Beatings!
In this team deathmatch styled round, you and your team will set out to battle your opponents in a glorious storm of snowballs, throwing and dodging snowballs to no end. There is more than just snow here, though: five different power-ups are available to empower you and your team, giving you the edge over your enemies. And if you're nimble enough, you might even be able to steal a bunch of gifts from their base...

What's in it for you? Well, loot of course! Winning the round and scoring kills will reward you with Candy Canes, our special holiday currency! Earn enough of these, and you'll be able to purchase our event crate, filled with exclusive goods just for Crescentmas. More details on this crate can be found in the next session.

New Content

Our presents to you.

Crescentmas 2019 Crate

Skins! Wearables! Soundbits! So many goods!
Dozens of new items await you in this event-exclusive crate, which will only be available until the end of Crescentmas. Everything inside it contains holiday-themed items, from your favorite christmas songs to Crescent-exclusive winter-theme skins by our contributing artists: ethurs, future, and Spirito. This crate can only be purchased with Candy Canes, so you better start winning those snowball fights before it's too late!

Crescent Cache 'Eta'

Guess what? Even more skins!
In this update we are also introducing our seventh weapon cache, which is yet another collection of amazing skins available exclusively on Crescent. This one features the fantastic collection of Ender_Year, the talented artist behind the brilliant 'Skins Under Controversy' Collection, which she worked on for a long time now; and the work of MajorDestroyer, whose vivid and colorful skins style are sure to leave you impressed.

Featured Artists

The people who made this possible.
Like before, this update and content was not possible without the cooperation of our contributing artists, who agreed to join forces with us and provide us with their work. Here they are:

The Spirit of Gifting

Christmas spirit finally pays off.

Work together towards something better.
Christmas is a time of giving and sharing, and Crescentmas is no exception! Available in the event store is the Spirit of Gifting, a special activity available only during Crescentmas. This is a joint effort by everyone in the community, in which players can donate shards into a global pool shared between everyone else. Once enough shards were donated, everyone in the lobby will receive a Crescentmas Case! Through team work and giving, everyone benefits. Indeed, the holiday spirit at its finest!


What's Christmas without some Christmas themed maps? We're adding six of these to our roster until the end of the event, with lots of snow and holiday cheer.

Al's Toy Barn (Xmas)

Will replace the main map during the event

Site 20 (Winter)

Island (Xmas)

Will replace the main map during the event

Nostalgia House

MC B5 (Xmas)

MC Winter Holiday


Santa's Hat


Merry Crescentmas!

And happy holidays to you all.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, something else, or don't celebrate at all - we here at Team Crescent would like to wish you all a very happy holiday and a merry Christmas.
Thank you for being part of Crescent! We hope you will enjoy the content, the game and the people. May this be a time of great joy to you all, and we hope to see you among our players in 2020 as well, where there is so much more awaiting for you.