The Enhancement Update

Crescent TTT - Update #2

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Experiment. Improve. Enhance.

Welcome to the Enhancement update, the second major update for Crescent TTT!
The Enhancement update is all about improvements: to the game, to your items, and to your experience. With an all new item improving feature, major improvements to crafting, new ways to customize your weapons - and, of course, fresh new content - the Enhancement update is going to raise CTTT to a whole new level.
The Enhancement update also brings countless front-end and behind-the-scenes improvements to the game, with dozens of new features and QoL changes, and over 5,000 new and modified lines of code that will make Crescent more enjoyable and usable across the board.

Let's begin...


Enhance your items in a whole new way.

For a while now, you knew that your weapons seem to absorb the energy of your fallen enemies to become more powerful. With a bit of experimenting, however, you discovered how to siphon this energy for your own use...

Essence is a new type of currency now available in CTTT. This mysterious form of energy is the essence of creation itself, and with it you will be able to infuse new properties and powers into existing items, upgrade them to new tiers, and awaken mysterious powers within them.
Essence is earned through the newly re-designed leveling system, which you can read more about below. Unlike its kin, Essence is highly unstable and therefore untradable, and you will have to earn it youself in order to utilize its powers.

Item Improving

What can you do with all your newly earned Essence? Enhance things, of course!
The Enhancement update introduces a brand new system to the game: item improving. This system allows you to infuse Essence into various items in order to improve them in many ways. From upgrading the tier of caches and cases, to unlocking the functionality of powerful tools - improving is a risky yet rewarding activity that requires dedication and careful consideration. The success of the procedure depends on how much Essence you're willing to sacrifice: will you sink a large chunk of your hard earned Essence into your next project? Or will you leave it to fate and go with the minimum? The choice is yours to make, for good and for bad.

Item improving is an entire new framework for CTTT, and one that we have big plans for in the future, with additional expansions and content to be added as CTTT grows and further improves. We encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback with us, so that we can build this brand new idea together into something fantastic.

Crafting: New Recipes

Another new feature in our update is the addition of some new crafting recipes! Specifically, two new types of WepMod recipes are available. First: WepMod Upgrades, which replace the old trade-up recipes. These recipes allow you to sacrifice three different WepMods of a certain type into a random WepMod of the next tier. It's a good use for all these lower tier WepMods you have in your inventory that you don't know what to do with!
The next recipe is WepMod swap: two WepMods of the same tier can be combined together to produce a different WepMod of the same tier that is guaranteed to be different than the two provided! Not happy with some WepMods you got? Try your luck and you might get something better!

Weapon Leveling Overhaul

A more meaningful take on weapon levels.

Leveling System Rework

Level up your weapons and earn big.
For the Enhancement update, we reworked our weapon leveling system from scratch. We replaced the old prestige-based system with a brand new concept that rewards you with gameplay benefits for your time and effort, in the form of Essence.
In the new system, leveling your weapons up will earn you the much coveted Essence currency, with more Essence being earned the higher you go. To make things more interesting, the level cap has been completely removed, allowing weapons to level up indefinitely and opening a new set of goals for those who wish to show off their dedication. We also recreated the EXP curve with a new formula, which lowers the overall EXP required for lower levels, and increases it in higher levels to ensure reaching the very top will remain a worthy challenge.

StatTrak and Name Plate Changes

With the introduction of the new leveling system and the removal of prestige, we are also changing the way StatTrak and physical name plates work. In CTTT we often try to separate gameplay-related rewards from cosmetic rewards because we see them as two different worlds that should not mix. Prestige was, for a long time, a strange violation of this concept that we excersiced everywhere else in the game, and resulted in a weird mish-mash of ideas that didn't really work together and caused a lot of headaches to us.
Therefore, we are once again separating the two features from each other in this update. StatTrak, which was meant to be a valuable and prestigious achievement, will now be a rare attachment that can be found on weapons you unbox regardless of their level. Physical name plates will remain unobtainable for a bit while we experiment with new ideas on how to re-introduce it to the game in a proper way - which will hopefully happen next update.
Of course, players who already unlocked either feature for their weapon will keep it. These changes will only affect newly created items from now on, so your existing weapons are safe.

How it works

  • Essence Generation
  • Leveling up your weapons now earns you Essence. Weapons begin to generate Essence from level 20, and will reward a flat amount of Essence every level. The flat per-level rate slightly increases every 10 levels, which means you will earn more Essence at higher levels.
    Every 10th level is considered a bonus level, and will earn you double the amount of Essence you'd normally get.

  • EXP Changes
  • Leveling up now uses a new EXP formula with better scaling. The EXP curve has been modified to be lower in early levels and higher in high levels. EXP gain has also been normalized across the board, and you will only earn EXP for weapons you actively used during the round from now on.
    Like before, earning EXP now requires at least 4 players in the server.

  • Level cap removed, allowing weapons to level up indefinitely.
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements to the EXP and leveling systems.

New Weapons

New firearms joins the frey.

The P250

Introducing the P250, a low recoil, high fire-rate, semi-automatic sidearm aimed at those who feel comfortable with trading accuracy and spread for more speed. As the counter-part of the Five-SeveN, the P250 allows the operator to fire faster and enjoy reduced recoil, as long as they can pull the trigger quickly enough. The P250 comes with a full set of new skins for you to collect, adding even greater variety to the pistols section of Crescent TTT.

New Role Weapons

Available: March 7th

Weapons Gameplay Update

More power, more options, more fun.

Dual Trait Legendary Weapons

Legendary for a reason.
Legendary weapons just became much more interesting, now capable of holding two Traits at once. This new mechanic comes in the form of an active-passive setup, where the user can swap between the two Traits at any point and have the new Trait take effect at the start of the next round. This makes Legendary weapons far more vestile and unique, allowing you to quickly adapt to new situations and come out with the upper hand. Now who did you call a glorified Exotic?
Dual Traits will not apply retrospectively. Only newly created Legendary weapons will have them.

WepMod Amplifiers

Raise the Stakes.
WepMod Amplifiers are the first set of Essence-powered tools in CTTT, providing an alternative to the current trade-up crafting recipes in a new way that is more controlled. As Essence-powered tools, these items first need to be charged with Essence in order to unlock their functionality. Once charged, a WepMod Amplifier can be used to instantly upgrade a WepMod to its next tier, opening your path to better, more powerful weapons.

Trait: Disarray

Inflict chaos.
Disarray is a new active Trait that throws your victim into complete madness. When used, Disarray releases a strong pulse of chaotic energy at your target, scrambling their brain waves and driving them mad shortly. During the effect, disarrayed players have their vision distorted, their hearing impaired, and worst of all: their movement reversed! This state of absolute chaos will surely give you the upper hand - should you use it wisely.

Trait: Rig

Make them run.
Rig is an active Trait for those who prefer cunning tactics over direct combat. Once you kill a player, Rig will rig their corpse with powerful, remote-controlled explosives. You can then activate these explosives from afar, causing a large amount of damage to anyone nearby. Use rig to surprise anyone who tries to pick up your traces, or to lure innocents into a trap before spraying them with lead; they'll never see it coming.

Trait: Stalk

Never let go.
Become a true hunter and give your foes no rest. Stalk will place a mark on any player you damaged, allowing you to see exactly where they are for a few seconds. Use Stalk to chase wounded enemies, keep track of key players, or just for the pure joy of a predator hunting its confused prey.

WepMod: Sterility

Leave no traces.
Do you also tend to leave a mess after butchering your enemies? CTTT's newest WepMod is the solution for you. Sterility reduces the time your DNA samples last on the corpses of your victims, preventing Detectives and other good-doers from being able to track you. One less thing to worry about as you mow down innocents!

Balance changes

AVAILABLE: March 7th

As always, our updates also include various balance changes to help stabilize the game and ensure everything is in check. The balance changes will be finalized and posted on March 7th, once we had a chance to see how the new goods from this update turn out.

Weapon Paints

AVAILABLE: March 7th

Weapon Cosmetics

Killing with style.

Weapon Cache Theta

The eigth weapon cache of CTTT.
17 new weapon skins are introduced in the Enhancement update, both for the brand new P250 and for existing weapons. The majority of them, of course, can be found in a new cache: Weapon Cache Theta!
With all the enhancing, we are used this as an opportunity to equalize the rest of the caches in CTTT, moving skins around where necessary and filling any holes with new skins as well. We even improved the M4A4 Crater, with the help of Torbjorn! All these fresh new looks are now available for you to collect and trade, so get opening!

As a new cache, the Theta cache cannot be obtained from task reward crates for a duration after the release, to avoid flooding the market. You can still craft it as usual.

Legendary Effects

AVAILABLE: March 7th

Contributing Artists

Like before, we'd like to extend our thanks to the talented artists who kindly agreed to have their worked featured in this update. Here they are:

Boosts Rework

Give yourself a bonus.

The boosts system of Crescent TTT has been reworked from scratch, both in concept and in implementation. Boosts are now consumption-based rather than time-based, allowing you to utilize them in full without the pressure of running out of time. This means that boosts now come with an initial charge capacity, which you will then consume every time you gain what the boost increases. For example: an XP boost will consume a charge for every point of XP that it increased for you.

Boost improving

AVAILABLE: March 7th

Essence Gain Boosts

Need more of that sweet, sweet Essence? We have just the thing for you: Essence gain boosts! These neat boosts increase the amount of Essence you gain from leveling your weapons up, allowing you to accumulate more of the cyan round bois faster.


Because why the hell not?

Canyon Tatadu




Old Ruins

Golden Plix Prison

Museum Heist

Playing With Portals 3

Will replace the current version

Crummy Cradle B1

Will replace the current version


Help promote Crescent TTT and earn rewards.

Do you enjoy what we're doing here in Crescent? Would you like to help us spread the word? Or maybe you just like loot? Regardless of your answer, the promotions system is for you. This new system will provide you with various bonuses and rewards for promoting Crescent and spreading the word. You can easily earn extra goods for very simple actions, such as joining our Discord or adding our site to your Steam username. These small gestures may seem like not much to you, but they truly help CTTT grow and expand.
You will see a list of all active promotions as soon as you join one of our servers. New promotions will show there as well, so keep an eye out for these. Thank you for your cooperation!

Quality of Life

It's the small things that matter sometimes. We took some time during the work on the Enhancement update to add and improve various smaller things for additional QoL and utility.

Mark command

cttt_mark is a useful command that will mark the player in your crosshair with any of the scoreboard tags available. It's a very useful shortcut for marking players without having to open the scoreboard or dealing with clicks. Include it in your radio binds for maximum effect!

Detective Model

Detectives now have a unique player model to quickly differ them from regular players. No more twitch shooting someone before noticing the blue circle!

Legendary Effect Toggling

You can now toggle your weapons' Legendary Effects on and off, in case they are too obnoxious for you or you're just anti-fun like that.

New Workshop System

GMod's January update brought with it the new SteamUGC-based workshop system, which is an all-out improvement to the existing system. With the Enhancement update, we're updating our own content and servers to use this new system. The new system supports delta updates, which means updating content will no longer require redownloading the entire pack and instead will only update what changed; Smaller overall download size; less addons required; less space taken on disk; and many other smaller improvements. This is all done automatically, so you won't need to worry about this at all - just sit back and enjoy the magic!

And more

  • All crates are now tradable.
  • Cosmetic WepMod Removers (e.g. scopes) are now available.
  • Name tags can now be used with an empty name to remove custom the name of an item.
  • The riot shield now covers your front properly, and will no longer be raised when you use voice chat.
  • Tomahawks can now be picked up after being thrown, and will no longer collide with the thrower on throw.
  • Tomahawk animation no longer glitches out on deploy.
  • Burst weapons no longer randomly break when dropped.
  • Various actions (like unboxing or using consumables) are now blocked during server state turns to make sure they don't break.
  • CS:S maps can now be FastDL'd again.
  • The settings tab in the Hub now includes spray, death badge, and HUD settings shortcuts.
  • The scoreboard now shows the current population mode.
  • Radar blips can now be toggled on and off by running 'ttt_toggle_radar'.
  • The slay/report counter is now part of the HUD, and can be moved/scaled/hidden like all other elements.
  • Chat prompts have been cleaned up and are now color-coded.
  • Unbox announcements in chat now only show precious or higher items.
  • Item tooltips now show in compact mode by default. You can hold CTRL to view extended information.
  • Many fixes to the item tooltip, including the spazz glitch.
  • Many items now have a hi-res icon available.
  • Various items had their description improved and clarified.
  • Unused loadout slots are now marked as such.
  • New player tutorials were extended and improved.
  • All soundbits now have an icon. Many thanks to the community members who assisted in this task!

Have Fun!

That's it for this time. We have quite a lot included in this update, and we hope you'll like what we made!
As always, your feedback is extremely important for us and helps us shape CTTT into a better and more mature game. If you there's anything you wish to comment on, suggest, or give you feedback about - please do! You can reach us both in-game, in Discord, or in the suggestions section.
And, of course, thank you for the support and your kind words! We are forever grateful for it.

Enjoy Crescent TTT!
~Team Crescent