Minigames, Reborn.

Dozens of games. Amazing features. Awesome inventory.
The new generation of GMod Minigames is coming, powered by the tech and expertise of Project Crescent.

Welcome to the

New Era

Project Crescent's moon logomark

Powered by a framework five years in the making, shaped by the feedback of hundreds of players, and crafted with endless love and attention by the best GMod developers: This is Crescent Minigames, where a legendary gamemode meets the magic of Crescent GMod.

Built upon the foundation of its predecessor and powered by the tech and expertise of Project Crescent, Crescent Minigames is the rebirth of a classic. With an ever-growing set of games and features, fully overhauled economy and progression, and a genuine focus on fun and fairness, Minigames never played any better.