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We Are Project Crescent

We're not a half-assed workshop dump. We're not soulless cash grab.
We're simply what TTT was always meant to be.

Welcome to Project Crescent, a TTT community built by some of the best GMod developers today to bring you the ultimate TTT experience. Our custom-made gamemode and servers offer features and mechanics that no other server has, through a rare mixture of careful design, unforgiving quality, and superior technology.

Crescent TTT focuses on fun and fairness first, built from the ground up to fulfill our vision of what modern TTT should be. With brand new weapon mechanics and systems, original ideas and designs, countless customization options, and the most advanced inventory and trading system in GMod, Crescent TTT has revolutionized the TTT world - and we're only getting started.

Finally, a TTT experience that is genuinely awesome, fair, AND fun has arrived.
Don't settle for less. Join the revolution today.

And This is Crescent TTT

Discover Crescent TTT and all it has to offer.

Crescent Weapons

Mechanically, visually, and technologically superior custom weapons system.


Don't let RNG decide how your weapons work. WepMods, our one-of-a-kind weapon customization system, allows you to modify your weapons exactly to your needs. With WepMods, you can modify the stats and behavior of your weapons and even add entire new mechanics to them. Dozens of WepMods and hundreds of possible combinations already exist, and more are on the way, making Crescent's WepMods the mark of a new era in TTT weaponry.


Unleash special powers and turn the odds in your favor. Crescent's weapons offer a variety of unique and clever traits that add completely new mechanics and abilities to your weapon. With 14 Traits available at launch and more already in the making, Crescent's Traits will make you an absolute killing machine.

Skins and Effects

Kill 'em all - in style. Collect and apply dozens of different weapon skins to make your weapon truly yours. Our ever-growing collection of skins and visuals will certainly have something to your liking. Then, hunt for our Legendary Effects, a set of original, custom-made effects and visuals. Turn your victims into gold? Freeze them to death? Rainbow bullets?! Hell yeah.

Original T/D Weapons

Unleash hell like never before. An explosive sniper rifle? Check. A deadly tomahawk? Check. An actual, functional drone? C-C-C-Check. These are just few of our original, custom developed Traitor and Detective weapons that will make your special role rounds more fun than ever.

The Crescent Hub

Powerful, extensive and easy-to-use inventory, trading and social system

Inventory System

Collect, equip and customize various weapons, cosmetics and other items. Our inventory system is both beautifully designed and highly functional, with heavy focus on readability, simplicity, and ease-of-use. You won't get lost in the menus if all you need is within a few clicks reach.

Item Trading and The Market

Buy items, sell your loot, and trade with anyone. Trade directly with players in your server, or use the Market to create public listings that anyone can accept, regardless of which server they are in and even when you are offline! And if you're open for negotiations, you can create an auction and let others make offers to you.

Crafting System

Turn your unused items into something valuable. Crescent's crafting system allows you to scrap items you don't need into valuable shards, and then create something entirely new out of them: WepMods, tools, and even rare rewards.


Celebrate your victory, taunt your enemies, or go out with a bang. We offer over a hundred(!) different soundbits that you can play during the most important moments. Victory themes, taunts, death sounds and jihad explosions; no matter what you do, there's a soundbit to accompany it.

SOON: Wearables and Cosmetics

Why let your weapon steal all the attention? Give yourself a new look with our high quality player models, and then further customize with dozens of different hats, masks, gloves and other wearables. From video game characters, through super heroes, to anime characters - Crescent has it all, and then some more.

Superior Gameplay

Play TTT like you've never seen it before.

Fully Customizable HUD

Discover the sleek and beautiful CrescentUI. Our replacement of the aging TTT UI, CrescentUI, gives a new look to the GUI while also making it easier and faster to use. Our exclusive HUD is fully customizable and can be rearranged, resized and toggled in any way you want. We also offer custom-made new elements, like the round overview bar and the redesigned game notifications system that will make your life even easier when playing.

Tasks System

Go for the gold. Crescent's tasks system lets you complete various missions and objectives in exchange for big rewards! With different daily, weeky and monthly tasks to complete, you'll always have something to do in Crescent. Improve your skill, have some fun, and get paid for it! What's not to like?

Fun Rounds

Spice up the game's routine with some fun. Play a variety of custom-made, fast paced and absolutely hilarious fun rounds in-between the regular game rounds. Team deathmatch, assassins, bomb rush and many more options are available, and there's always more coming next.

Powerful Chat System

Why settle for just boring text when you can do so much more? Crescent's chat system adds awesome new features to the game's chat, such as colors, icons, emojis, URL support, item linking, and even mentions! It is fully customizable and you can turn off any element with a single command. And better yet: with upcoming support for cross-server and shoutbox chatting, you'll always be in touch with your friends, no matter where you are.

SOON: Leaderboards and Achievements

Are you up for the challenge? Show everyone you are truly the best and fight your way up the global leaderboards. Earn special prizes, exclusive titles, and even powerful gameplay boosts. And for those who can keep their place at the top, a special, one-of-a-kind set of weapon skin await...

A Solid Foundation

An awesome server needs an awesome backbone.

Awesome Staff

We pride ourselves in having an awesome, well trained staff team that is mature, responsible, but also really fun to play with. Through a thorough selection process and training by our more experienced staff, we make sure new staff members are always in shape; And to make sure they are always in control, we provide them the most advanced and powerful staffing tools that we make ourselves, like our heavily improved RDM Manager, DeathScene v2, and various others.

Fantastic Maps

Return to the classics and discover the new. Our map selection is carefully curated and constantly updated to make sure we only host maps that are stable, bug-free, and fun. Instead of just throwing in every single map from the workshop like some do, we play-test and evaluate every map we add to ensure it's a good pick.

Sane Rules

Rules are the core of the TTT experience. In Crescent, we make sure all of our rules are written down and clarified so that neither our players nor staff will misunderstand it. We also understand that different situations require different handling, and so we train our staff to tackle cases in a way that makes sense rather than just sticking to the letter like robots. Unlike some other servers, we don't believe in the rules roulette.

Open for Suggestions

We understand that some of the best ideas come from you, our players. We embrace this concept and encourage everyone to suggest ideas and ways to improve Crescent TTT. Whether it is new content, patches to systems, bug fixes, or rule changes - we are always open and listening to what you have to say. Go on, talk to us!

What makes us different?

We Bring The Best

Quality or quantity? Why not both?
In CTTT, quantity and quality go hand-in-hand. Custom-tailored systems, carefully-calibrated gameplay, and unforgiving attention to detail - all these make Crescent TTT into the most fun take on TTT to date. We develop most of our features ourselves and from scratch, to ensure they perfectly fit our vision, and we only add the very best content to accompany it. We don't settle for less.

We Don't Half-Ass

We didn't get this far by doing half the job.
Some communities mindlessly dump broken 'content' into their servers in hope of a quick buck, but we plan every part and strive for perfection. Some communities survive solely on predatory schemes and squeeze every last cent from you, but we place quality and fun before profit. And when these other communities sink from neglection and corruption, we move onwards and grow stronger.

We Love This Game

We love TTT as much as you - and it shows.
Project Crescent was founded by a group of players just like you. We were tired of all the crappy, half-assed TTT servers out there and decided to do something. We designed CTTT to focus on fun and fairness, not profit and bottom lines, and you'll feel the difference as soon as you give it a try. There are plenty of rushed, neglected and money-hungry communities in GMod, but for those who want something better, Crescent is the answer.

Come Say Hello

We don't bite. Promised.

Crescent TTT is already insanely fun as is, but it's even more fun with friends.
Sign up to our forums, join our Discord, and meet awesome new people who love TTT just like you.

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